Fernando B Sena
Art Works Of Our Students And Master Artist
The Life Of Fernando B Sena

Pastel On Paper

28" x 18" 


By:  Roszela Reigan

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Maestro Fernando B. Sena was born to a family of humble means. The young Sena helped earn livelihood as newsboy.  People recognized his talent for drawing at an early age.  He learned about a free summer art class and wasted not time in enrolling and won a college scholarship.  He continued to gain painting honors and prizes in art competitions.  After graduating, he volunteered to handle art classes for under privileged youth and children, whom he teaches for free.  He was given the "Ten Outstanding Manilans" awarded in 1979 for his zeal in helping young people develop their talent in art.  Mr. Sena has been teaching for 40 years now.  He is acclaimed as the "Father Of Art Workshops".  He is tireless when he teaches because his students inspires him.  Today, Mr Sena divides hist time between painting and teaching.  His students include youth, teachers, doctors, retirees, judges, prisoners, cancer patients, the bereaved and anybody whose lives or spirits can be uplifted and given color by painting.  What makes him so beloved by many of this students is that he teaches with such humility.  It is not about him but all about helping his students in life.

Informations are adapted from the writing of;

Coylee Gamboa and Nancy Sena

Video By:  Norfel Bensurto